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Extender Chains

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Can't decide on a chain length? Add a 2-Inch Chain Extender to any necklace you purchase from The Cord Gallery and ensure your necklace fits how you want!
This is a great way to add several different look options depending on the neckline of your outfit. Also great for giving layering options!

***The Extender chain will come already attached to your purchased necklace from The Cord Gallery***

**Please note: these are not sold as stand alone pieces and must be purchased to add to a necklace or bracelet purchased from my shop. If you're purchasing more than one necklace, please specify which necklace you'd like the extender added to

Chain Finish Options:
14k Gold Plated
14k White Gold (Silver) Plated
14k Rose Gold Plated
Oxidized Black Brass Finish
14k Gold Filled
Sterling Silver
14k Rose Gold Filled

Every chain is 2 inches in length. I will add this to any necklace you purchase from The Cord Gallery.